The Asserva group

ASSERVA is a dynamic medium-sized company, founded in 1978 in Lamballe, in France. ASSERVA employs 100 people. Since 1978, ASSERVA designs, develops, manufactures, installs and provides after-sales service for automated solutions and feeding systems for pig farms. The solutions developed by ASSERVA improve the working conditions of the farmers, as well as the rearing conditions of the farm animals in different areas such as :

– Dry and liquid feeding systems
– On-farm feed mills
– Treatment of livestock manure
– Ventilation and heating systems for pig units
– Air filtration and cleaning

The Asserva Group has had its technic-online website online since 2015.

Ensuring the proper functioning of your facilities is our commitment!

By telephone, internet, in the regional centers or with the after-sales service technicians at the head office, there is always a maintenance operator at your side, 7 days a week including weekends and holidays. Our efficient stock ensures a quick response on location.

Our staff and our dealers benefit from continual training on all the equipment in the range.

  • Manufacturing and design office
    French manufacturing

  • Offer & adapted installation
    Study of your project
    Installation of your Vraco Start up
  • After-Sales Service – 7 days a week
    National and international aftersales network
    High performance stock

Vraco-Distribution is a subsidiary of the ASSERVA group.

Asserva being a major actor on the market of automation in the market since 1978, it is the guarantee to have access to professional quality equipment, high technicality and robustness.

The company relies on a multidisciplinary design office of 10 people (mechanical, electrical, electronic and computer). ASSERVA’s design office has been rewarded by its peers 16 times over the last 7 years and has received a Trophy for Innovation Trophy of the Côtes d’Armor companies in 2013.

Our research and development orientation has also enabled us to register us the filing of 8 patents.