Our project – The dry products vending machine

The Objectives

Discover our innovative project: the high-capacity bulk dry goods dispenser. With its intuitive dashboard and remote stock management, our dispenser simplifies logistics and facilitates refilling, adapted to all Vraco models.

By focusing on wholesaling, efficient logistics, convenient refilling and raw material purchasing become major levers for reducing operating costs. These savings are passed on to consumers. Our product range includes items such as kibbles, wood pellets and much more, offering benefits to both operator and consumer.

We have designed this approach to respond effectively to the growing demand for a solution that is accessible and beneficial to all involved.

Who is it for?

Reducing packaging and promoting sustainable consumption are essential. Our bulk distribution solutions (wood pellets, croquettes, etc.) offer a practical and efficient alternative. Consumers can buy the quantity they want without having to resort to individual packaging.

We support the transition to environmentally-friendly choices and offer a practical and pleasant shopping experience.

We target :

  • Large and medium-sized retailers (GMS)
  • Specialists (pet shops, heating specialists, garden centres, etc.)
  • Car stations (car wash, fuel)
  • Manufacturers of products that cut out the middleman
  • Any entity looking for additional income

This bulk dispenser makes shopping easier by allowing consumers to choose the quantity they want from different ranges. Adopting this concept can help professionals stand out from the crowd, attract new customers and retain those looking for sustainable options.

Why ?

From BtoC to DtoC

Our aim is to make bulk buying more popular. We manage a variety of dry products, such as grains, granules and powders.

We cater for BtoC and DtoC needs, covering markets such as petfood, wood pellets, gardening and DIY.

Our concept is in line with CSR initiatives, in particular SCOPE III.

Vraco, a new subsidiary in a well-established SME

The origins of the distributor

Vraco-Distribution is a subsidiary of the dynamic ASSERVA group, established in 1978. A specialist in livestock automation, Vraco incorporates the same professional-quality technical systems into its bulk distributor, guaranteeing optimum service for all consumers. Our multi-disciplinary team of 10 award-winning experts develops these products. Designed, developed and manufactured in Brittany, our products are of unrivalled professional quality.

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