Vraco 3-hopper dispenser

Opt for excellence in bulk Distribution for petfoods

Vraco-distribution has developed a specific distributor for the sale of dog and cat food. This concept is a real extension for specialist stores and supermarkets keen to increase their market share in pet products such as dog and cat food.

Take advantage of our solution, which falls within the scope of Article 23 of the French “Climate and Resilience” Act, which calls for 20% of sales floor space to be dedicated to bulk products.

  • Our bulk distribution concept offers an optimized customer journey with low operating costs
  • The bulk dispenser is accessible 24 hours a day, and operates completely autonomously.
  • From a distance, you can consult all the important information (sales, available stock, temperature, etc.) thanks to the management application accessible from a computer or Smartphone.

Three hoppers for a targeted range

Our bulk feeder for dog and cat food features three hoppers designed to offer a short range of products, but with the ability to target high-volume products. The total capacity of over 5 m3 (2 x 2m3 and 1 x 1.3m3) optimizes the resources required to operate the bulk feeder.

Easy access, optimized filling

The dispenser’s door and central display ensure excellent ergonomics. In addition, filling is simple thanks to our suction method, enabling efficient transfer from a big-bag to the hoppers. Finally, your supply is simplified, fast and precise.

Integral Control for optimum quality

Our dog and cat food dispenser is equipped with an advanced system for controlling and regulating air, temperature and humidity. The aim is to guarantee optimum preservation of your products. What’s more, your goods remain in ideal conditions, preserving their quality and freshness.

By installing your Vraco 3-hopper 24-hour bulk dispenser, you position yourself as a leader in pet product distribution. Offer your customers a superior experience, while benefiting from simplified inventory management and a stronger market presence.

Available in 2 versions:

  • Precision weighing
    We have equipped the dispenser with a certified weighing system to ensure that transactions are invoiced as accurately as possible.
  • Plug & play
    The dispenser is connected to a simple 220-volt socket. Vraco is immediately ready for use, and the configuration is already customized to your image. You don’t have to do a thing!
  • Insulated panels
    Its outer structure is designed with fiberglass-reinforced polyester insulation panels and recycled high-density foam, guaranteeing top-quality thermal resistance.
  • 4G connection
    The dispenser is connected via a secure 4G router. This requires no installation, and enables banking transactions. This connection also enables you to monitor your distributor’s operations (sales, stock levels, administration of product selection menu content, sales price updates, etc.).
  • Hermetic stainless steel hoppers & weighers
    The hoppers that receive and store the products are made of stainless steel. They are airtight, enabling us to guarantee product quality and preservation, particularly for products intended for pet food.
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