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Explore our selection of Vraco bulk product dispensers, available with one or three hoppers. These solutions are specially designed to promote single-use plastic-free sales and encourage responsible consumption.

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Vraco integrates all the professional skills acquired by ASSERVA to offer an innovative concept. It’s an automatic distribution system for bulk products, easy to use and accessible 24/7. This system significantly reduces packaging, making it possible to eliminate it from the factory to the end consumer.

The concept of our bulk dispenser takes the form of an external device capable of holding up to 7 tons of products. It’s a bulk product dispenser installed outside shops, offering considerable storage capacity.

You can offer a variety of dry products, such as wood pellets, pet food and more. Our filling system is fast and simple, thanks to a pneumatic suction solution. This ensures an efficient process for loading products into the dispenser.

Distribute your products in bulk

Our new bulk product vending system offers a wide range of possibilities. We can supply you with pellets, pet-food (kibbles, treats, etc.), as well as products for the gardening world such as mulch, potting soil, fertilizers and much more. What’s more, our system is flexible and can be adapted to dispense other types of dry products according to your needs and preferences. Our aim is to meet your expectations by offering a versatile, customized solution.

Towards packaging-free

Towards zero waste

Starting from a CSR reflection on our waste production combined with our experience in managing bulk products in livestock farming, from field to animal, we have built a large automated dispenser for bulk products in order to eliminate all waste, make bulk accessible and purchase responsibly for the consumer and the retailer.

Consumers are increasingly aware of the need to reduce packaging and consume responsibly. This growing demand makes it possible to align with consumer expectations.

To make bulk consumption economically viable, the bulk dispenser is designed with a capacity of up to 7 tonnes, optimizing costs throughout the supply chain.

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