The concept explained ?

A pioneering distributor

Vraco distributor is easy to install, we come, we install it and start it up with with you. No civil engineering, a simple electrical plug is necessary. With its 4.67 meters by 2 meters, it only takes the equivalent of a parking parking space.

The dispenser is equipped with a filling system by suction. It is a connected object, with a 4G router, the information is available to manage of the dispenser. Thanks to an interface exploiting in real time the data from the container, you will have access to the turnover and stock level of each storage.

You will be able to control your communication with the help of an 21- inch anti-vandalism touch screen adapted to outdoor conditions.

The concept

Our project has the ambition to become a reference in the pet food market but also to completely rethink the product/consumer relationship established today.

Our project VRACO, is the first concept of automatic distribution of kibbles in bulk. Thanks to a state-of-the-art technology, it will be possible to buy any kibble with 24/7 availability.

“It’s also more space in the shopping carts, and yes, a bag of kibble takes up space….. “

The VRACO container will be able to offer consumers several types of kibble, for dogs or cats of different breeds (sterilized or not).

The kibbles will be stored in hermetic hoppers with a controlled temperature allowing an optimal conservation of the products. Connected to the internet via the 4G network, the data of the of the machine can be consulted by owners or retailers to have a complete follow-up of purchases and consumption volumes.

We want to offer a shopping experience without packaging that adapts to new consumer trends and it is up to us to make sure that it is satisfactory.

VRACO is also a system adapted to a multiplicity of products such as the distribution of pellets, products for gardening, construction or other bulk materials.

A “Corporate Social Responsibility” reflection on our waste production combined with our experience in the management of bulk in breeding, from the silo to the animal, have motivated the design and development of an autonomous distributor capable of managing bulk and eliminate packaging.

No contact

Product served directly into the bag/seal requiring no product handling.

Customer account

A barcode reader allows you to identify your customers' loyalty account.


French manufacturing / National and international after-sales service network


Remote management of the automat, touch screen for optimal visibility and ergonomics.

24 hours a day & 7 days a week

100% self-service concept