The Vraco concept

Easy to install

A self-service dispenser that’s easy to install: we’ll come and install it and get it up and running with you.

No civil engineering, just a simple electrical connection. Measuring 4.67 meters by 2 meters, it takes up the equivalent of a parking space.

Available with one or three hoppers, the dispenser can be adapted to suit your market. It’s a connected object, with a 4G router for seamless communication to monitor the dispenser’s operation. Thanks to an interface that uses dispenser data in real time, you’ll have access to sales figures and stock levels for each container.

You’ll be able to control your communication with the help of a 21-inch vandal-proof touchscreen adapted to outdoor conditions.

How and where to install your Vraco distributor?

The stand-alone dispenser is easy to use. All you need is a site of less than 10m², an electrical connection, and the Asserva team will install your Vraco and start it up with you. No need for civil engineering, the dispenser is mounted on 4 adjustable feet to ensure it is level.

An adaptable concept

Vraco is also a distributor capable of adapting to your market and product typologies. From 1 to 3 hoppers, the distributor can handle a wide variety of products thanks to its different storage volumes.

Installation and maintenance

We take care of everything. Installation is carried out by our team of technicians, and the dispenser is up and running immediately.

Connectivité des produits Vraco-Distribution

Payment solutions

Payment by credit card: all Vraco vending machines are equipped with a contactless payment system. This means of payment eliminates the inconvenience of having to carry coins, making it more convenient for consumers. It also increases sales and reduces waiting time.

Filling system

Integrated directly inside the dispenser, the filling system facilitates product loading into the storage hoppers.

Système de remplissage Distributeur de produits vracs Vraco-Distribution


Our technical service is available every day of the week for our professional partners. Vraco also offers advanced telemetry to measure consumption in real time and monitor dispensers remotely.

Communication & marketing support

With its four fully customizable sides, Vraco is a real communication and marketing tool.

With this dispenser, you create interaction with your customers even before they enter the store, and boost sales of your products.

Personnalisation du concept Vraco-Distribution
Distributeur Vraco-Distribution Leclerc Lamballe

A web-based monitoring and management apps

We offer you an interface to manage your business. In real time, you can control your stocks by creating alerts. Access your sales data (hours, quantities, sales).

You can manage program information: modify sales prices, visuals, product descriptions and compositions.

Interface PC Vraco-Distribution

A connected dispenser

Your dispensers are connected to the Vraco interface, which gives you a complete view of all your equipment and facilitates monitoring and management.

The interface will provide you with a wealth of information, including a display of available volumes in storage hoppers, current dispenser temperature, customer feedback and service status.

All data can be copied and exported in Excel or PDF format.

Interface de gestion des distributeurs Vraco-Distribution
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