Vraco in a few words...

We offer to the professionals of the retail industry new sale channel to store 
and market products in bulk, with the objective of making the act of buying packaging-free.

The concept is designed as a dispenser that can be installed outside the store.
It can be filled with pet food, wood pellets…

Why the bulk ?

Towards zero waste

The “bulk” consumption mode is defined by the purchase of products without packaging.

Today, the household packaging thrown away in France (e.g.) represents 55 kg per resident and per year. A worrying figure that needs to be changed, especially thanks to this type of concept. It’s a small step for the mass distribution, a big step for the 0 waste.

Local manufacturing

Our dispensers are designed, developed and manufactured in Lamballe (22 - France) in collaboration with local partners.

Zero Waste

With Vraco-Distribution you enter in a zero waste approach and you offer to your customers a new alternative of ecological consumption by reducing packaging.

Vraco simplicity

No more bags of kibbles that take up space in the shopping cart. Vraco is a drive through vending machine.

“An accessibility and an impeccable hygiene made possible by an innovative concept.”

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