Bulk revolution: Purina (Nestlé) installs a FIDO automatic kibble dispenser

Distributeur Vraco avec Fido Purina

Purina (Nestlé) and Vraco-distribution launch their pilot project for a 24-hour, packaging-free FIDO kibble vending machine in Saint-Brieuc (22)

At a time when environmental awareness has become an imperative, Purina, the leading animal nutrition company, is embarking on a revolutionary initiative to reduce its carbon footprint while making life easier for dog owners. In partnership with the Vraco-distribution teams, the FIDO brand is launching a pilot project for an automatic dispenser of dog food, without packaging, available 24 hours a day. This innovative collaboration aims to transform the way we supply our four-legged friends with food, with an emphasis on sustainability and practicality. Let’s find out how this pilot project is part of an eco-friendly approach and how it could be a game-changer for environmentally conscious dog owners.

A Commitment to the Environment

The Fido Purina and vraco partnership pilot project is part of a profound commitment to reducing the carbon footprint associated with the production and distribution of pet food. By eliminating unnecessary packaging and offering a direct supply from the factory, this revolutionary vending machine considerably reduces plastic waste and the CO2 emissions associated with transporting and managing traditional packaging.

A Zero Waste, No Compromise Approach

Unlike kibble traditionally available in plastic bags, Purina’s vending machine offers a zero waste approach, allowing owners to fill their reusable container directly with fresh kibble. This ingenious system not only reduces plastic waste, but also offers a practical solution for dog owners, who can now buy kibble in bulk without sacrificing freshness and quality.

Direct supply from the factory for optimum freshness

Thanks to this vending machine, dog owners benefit from a direct supply of kibbles from Purina’s production plant. This guarantees optimum freshness of the food, while eliminating the intermediaries and unnecessary journeys associated with traditional distribution. By reducing the distance travelled by products, this system helps to minimise the overall carbon footprint of pet food.

Vraco a dispenser designed for pet food, more info click here

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